Moko The Dolphin

This project was conceived at Live Creative. The idea to the shelf and to a Top 10 Best Selling children's book for 6 months. Marketing was completed by Live Creative. The book continues to sell well with orders coming in every week.

Below is an extract from the media release.

The playful antics of New Zealand’s beloved bottlenose dolphin, Moko, have been vividly recreated in a popular new children’s book. The book was in the top ten of the New Zealand children’s bestseller list for the first five months of it’s release date in November 2010, selling in just one book store chain! More than 4800 copies of The book has attracted a raft of media attention with TV1 Close Up spending the day in Gisborne filming everyone involved. National Newspapers like the Weekend Herald and the Sunday News have written articles along with many regional newspapers.

TV1 Close Up interview You Tube link

Time magazine released a ranking for the Top 10 Most Heroic Animals in the World and ranked Moko at 8th. Check out the article:

"I always knew the story would resonate with Kiwi families and that kids would enjoy learning about Moko, but the success of the book so far has really blown me away. When Moko was found dead on Matakana Island in July of this year, Andrea felt a sense of urgency to complete the book and engaged the artistic talents of friend and illustrator, Nikoleta Sekulovic, to create a vibrant series of accompanying pictures which include the three Skuse children. Live Creative designed, printed, marketed and published the book."





A great little book that will ensure the memory of Moko is remembered forever. The story is told in an upbeat way that reflects Moko's playful personality. The poetic writing is easy to follow and the illustrations remind us Moko was a unique dolphin. He touched a lot of people's hearts.

The Bay of Plenty Times